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We are experienced

Our treatment team includes a full complement of experienced therapy staff who expertly address the special needs of our clients.

Our staff include physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, activity director, activity assistant, rehabilitation technician, licensed physical therapy assistants, Doctorate level LCSW and neuropsychologists. We provide Life Skills Trainers (LSTs) who work with our nursing staff to bring our clients comprehensive care. All our staff receive continuous training in the latest medical, physical, cognitive and behavioral aspects of brain injury. TOLS also has a dedicated primary care physician (PCP) as well as, an established group of specialist physicians and allied health consultants who assist us as needed with our clients’ health care needs.

Our Medical Director, Nathan D. Zasler,  is a board certified physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and fellowship trained in brain injury medicine.Dr. Zasler is one of few Physicians Nationally certified in Brain injury Medicine. He has been in practice since 1985.