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Rehabilitation worth doing...Rehabilitation that matters

Restoring Personal Value & Quality of Life

At Tree of Life, we are dedicated to providing persons with acquired brain injury (ABI) comprehensive, post-acute, transdisciplinary neurorehabilitation in a community setting.

We offer specialized, community-based services to meet our clients’ needs, providing various levels of client support. Our services include transitional neurorehabilitation and long-term supported living services. 

We provide a full compliment of outside neuromedical expertise to provide cost effective care to optimize clinical outcomes.


Rehabilitation that matters

We help our clients and their families stay focused on rehabilitation that matters . . . that is, we believe that the right type of rehabilitation at the right time, provided by the right professionals can make a big difference in someone’s life when they have had a significant brain injury. Through careful understanding of each client’s strengths and unique history, we are able to optimize the effectiveness of rehabilitation efforts by helping rebuild important life skills. Cultivating a positive sense of self, life goals, hope and motivation are principals of neurorehabiltitation that are emphasized.

Our highly motivated staff not only bring extensive clinical experience in ABI neurorehabilitation to our evidence based treatment approaches, they also greatly enhance our treatment outcomes with the hope and determination they impart to our clients. Ultimately, our goal is to empower our clients and teach them that they truly have personal value and quality of life.

Contact Tree of Life Today

Contact Tree of Life Today

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